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Exploring Poipu Bike Rentals: The Ultimate Convenience with Hele On Kauai and Surfside Cycles

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: The Beauty of Poipu

  2. Why Choose Hele On Kauai Bike Rentals

  3. Introducing Surfside Cycles: Our Delivery Service

  4. Our Range of Bikes

  5. Planning Your Poipu Adventure with Ease

  6. Safety First: Tips for a Secure Ride

  7. FAQ

  8. Conclusion

Poipu Bike Rentals

Introduction: The Beauty of Poipu

Discover the enchanting landscapes of Poipu, a paradise for outdoor lovers. With its golden beaches and crystal-clear waters, Poipu is best explored on two wheels. Hele On Kauai Bike Rentals, with over 17 years in the business, offers a unique and personalized biking experience.

Why Choose Hele On Kauai Bike Rentals

Hele On Kauai Bike Rentals is known for its commitment to personal exploration, allowing you to create your own adventures. Our central location and diverse bike range make us the top choice for all cyclists.

Our Range of Bikes

Hele On Kauai offers a diverse selection of bikes to cater to different preferences and needs:

  • Beach Cruisers: Ideal for a comfortable and relaxed ride along Poipu's picturesque beaches. These single-speed cruisers feature comfort saddles, large balloon tires for smooth rides on various terrains, and are available in different sizes to accommodate riders from 3' to 6'6".

  • City Bikes: Perfect for an urban cycling experience, blending comfort and performance. These bikes come with multiple speed settings, a twist grip Shimano shifter, and 700c wheels for a smooth ride on city streets.

  • Hybrid Bikes: These bikes are versatile for both city streets and the Kapaa Bike Path. They come in different models with features like multiple speeds, lightweight frames, and comfortable saddles.

  • Ebikes: Offering options for those with specific needs or looking for an electric biking experience.

Introducing Surfside Cycles: Our Delivery Service

Enhancing your convenience, we introduce Surfside Cycles, our dedicated bike rental delivery service. With Surfside Cycles, you can have your chosen bike delivered directly to your doorstep, allowing you to start your adventure without any hassle. This service is ideal for those who prefer the comfort of their accommodation or have limited transport options.

Surfside Cycles: Bike Rental Delivery Options

Surfside Cycles complements the offerings of Hele On Kauai by providing convenient bike rental delivery services, focusing on adult bikes. They offer the same models and specifications as Hele On Kauai, ensuring consistent quality and experience. The delivery packages include:

  • Beach Cruisers: Ideal for leisurely exploration, these cruisers are available in different packages, suitable for individual riders or groups. Options range from a single cruiser to packages with multiple bikes, making it perfect for families or groups of friends.

  • E-Bikes: For those seeking a bit more thrill and less effort, the e-bikes are an excellent choice. These come in various packages as well, catering to individual riders or groups. E-bikes provide an efficient way to explore longer distances with ease, offering a unique way to experience Poipu's landscapes.

Surfside Cycles ensures that the delivery process is smooth and convenient, allowing you to start your adventure directly from your accommodation or preferred starting point.

Planning Your Poipu Adventure with Ease

Whether you choose a bike from our shop or have it delivered by Surfside Cycles, planning your trip is effortless. We provide route recommendations and safety tips to enhance your experience.

Safety First: Tips for a Secure Ride

Your safety is our priority. We offer helmets and maintain our bikes to ensure a secure and enjoyable ride. Follow our safety tips for a hassle-free adventure.


  • What are the rental and delivery rates?

  • Visit our websites for detailed pricing on rentals and delivery services.

  • How does the delivery service work?

  • Choose your bike, and we'll deliver it to your location.

  • What types of bikes are available for delivery?

  • We offer a range of adult bikes for delivery.

  • Can I book a bike and have it delivered the same day?

  • Please contact us for same-day delivery options.

  • What are the safety measures in place?

  • We provide helmets and ensure each bike is in top condition.


Experience Poipu like never before with Hele On Kauai Bike Rentals and Surfside Cycles. Visit our website and reserve bikes to ride the Kapaa Bike Path with us or book with Surfside Cycles and have bikes delivered to you wherever you are on the island of Kauai! Start your cycling adventure in Poipu today!

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