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Hotel Bike Rentals

Hele On Kauai currently has voucher programs with Aston Islander On The Beach & Hilton Garden Inn.

Hotel Voucher Guidelines 

  1. Each hotel voucher is good for two Beach Cruisers for two hours. All other equipment & durations will be charged at our full rental rate. 

  2. Our current hotel voucher departure times are 11:00AM and 1:30PM. Reservations made outside of these time slots are not valid with a hotel voucher.

  3. If you would like to book any alternative or additional equipment it will be charged at our full rental rate.

  4. Online reservations are required when using a hotel voucher. You'll need to enter a credit card to make this reservation. It will not be charged for your bike rental.

  5. We require a completely filled out hotel voucher from your hotel upon arriving at the shop. If you do not bring your voucher you cannot depart and your ride will be cancelled.

  6. In the notes section of the reservation please insert your last name and room number for confirmation. 


Beach Cruiser Rentals
Beach Cruiser Rentals

Use the reservation portal below to make an online booking.

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